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Wordpress SEO Case Study - Factory OS

A massive increase in organic search traffic

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From 10 Visits Per Day to Over 400


  • Generated an extra 11,000 unique & qualified visits

  • jumped from 10 visits per day to over 400

  • Total pageviews after 30 days were 34,145

  • Bounce Rate dropped from 80% down to 37%


Factory OS was stuck on the third page of Google results and needed a solution, fast. Our SEO program followed our proven process and took them from 3rd page to the #1 search result on Google, increasing organic traffic with qualified leads and outranking your biggest name-brand competitors. 

We worked with Factory OS to carry out keyword research and competitor analysis with a content-driven strategy to optimize webpages for target keywords.

With 100% organic traffic and $0 spent on ads, they’re now receiving 5,000 qualified visitors every day. 

Every month, this organic traffic now delivers hundreds of new email subscribers and interested leads without spending a single dollar on paid advertising.


#1 Google result, even with variating ways of writing the company name

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