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Diverge content development

The Challenge

Factory OS is a Bay Area startup that is revolutionizing the construction industry. Using offsite construction and an in house Innovation Center to build large-scale apartment complexes, their process is set to help tackle the affordable housing challenge. 

Diverge Website Wordpress Content and Design
Diverge Wordpress Content Development

With some major investments and a Wall Street Journal article on the horizon, the company needed a strong story and a modern, persuasive B2B website built in under a month. The Diverge team rose to the challenge.

Factory OS Website Diverge
Diverge Content Development Copywriting

The Solution

Diverge developed a strong brand identity and digital marketing direction in preparation for the company launch. Authoritative copy educates the user on technical subjects while telling the story of a progressive company committed to continuous innovation. A modern design and brand story was created for the custom WordPress site to bring attention to the uniqueness of the company and its historic location.

Diverge Websites Factory_OS

We designed an effective information architecture, and keyword strategy to optimize the site for search engines. The website went from the 3rd page on Google to the #1 search result and traffic increased to over 400 visitors per day.  More on SEO work →

Research for Storytelling



Researching the background of the Factory_OS location as part of the brand story. The site was a historic factory building ships for World War II.

Diverge Website Content Research
Diverge Website Content Research
Diverge Website Research