Center for WorkLife Law

Brand Strategy I Design I Marketing


Reducing Bias & Advancing Gender Equity

Diverge worked with UC Hasting’s Center for WorkLife Law to brand and broadcast their work, including research findings and toolkits to help women interrupt bias.

Marketing Interrupt Bias
Diverge Women Leadership Academy
Model Policies for Advancing Women
Supporting Women Webinar
Diverge WorLiife Law Gender Equity

Research shows that subtle biases are inhibiting women’s advancement in the workplace.


Social Media Campaigns: Paid & Organic

Diverge crafted a smart digital strategy, compelling content, and attention-grabbing design for the social media campaign bringing awareness to the Center’s research and work on gender bias.

Serena Advancing Women in Workplace
Advancing Women in Workplace Social
Marketing to Advance Women in Workplace

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure: Launching a Survey for Real-World Data on Bias

Digital Strategy, UX Design, Brand Positioning 

Diverge optimized the user experience for all landing pages and Quiz touch-points to allow for smooth navigation and intuitive pathways to resources and toolkits. Visual design elements and cohesive brand messaging were created to educate and guide the user through the survey process.

workplace life law marketing
workplace life law marketing
workplace life law marketing
workplace life law marketing