Online Presence is Optimized for Business Goals While Retaining Authenticity

Selfistry Website Strategy

Phase 1: Brand & Marketing Strategy I User Experience I Content Development

Phase 2: Email Marketing I Advertising I Social Media Management

Selfistry Website Strategy and Marketing

Brand Strategy, user experience, & copywriting

Selfistry came to Diverge with the goal of creating a strategic new website. We worked closely with the personal development company to craft an engaging brand story and strategically structure content to showcase an expanding line of services and convert users. The final product is optimized for the company’s new business objectives while maintaining a personal voice and authentic feel.

Selfistry Website Redesign

Marketing Strategy & Execution

After a successful website launch, Selfistry further engaged Diverge to bring in a new audience and generate leads. We grew the company’s following through social media management, Facebook advertising, and a robust email marketing campaign.

Selfistry Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management & Optimization

We crafted a social strategy that offered useful content, oversaw live webinars, and maintained an approachable and authentic voice.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Several campaigns were crafted and monitored to continually optimize based on results and audience feedback.


Reporting & Insights: Key data was investigated and analyzed to provide insights and recommendations for optimizing and improving results.

Selfistry Social Media Marketing