Clean Vehicle Assistance Program


The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, a new program helping lower-income California residents purchase hybrid vehicles, aimed to create an informative website that showcased environmentally-friendly vehicles as accessible to all.

Branding and Content Strategy

Strategically Accessible

Our work in user experience, content strategy, and copywriting helped create an accessible website where users can easily learn about the program and feel encouraged to apply. The site is designed with clear calls to action prompting potential participants to engage and seamless Hubspot integrations.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Website and Content Strategy

Brand Positioning

The new program not only needed a website, but a name, branding, and marketing content. We took the clients through a strategy process to ensure the brand positioning, visual design, and overall messaging was consistent and complete.


Content Strategy & Copywriting

All content was consciously written and graphically presented in a way that is straightforward and approachable to help communicate concepts for many languages and ease any feelings of overwhelm a user may feel when learning about unfamiliar technology.

The site was crafted to be accessible to a diverse audience and ADA compliant.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Website and Content Strategy