California Reinvestment Coalition


CRC, an organization working to advance a fair and inclusive economy, sought to redesign their existing dated and cluttered website with a custom Wordpress site. We created a mobile-friendly and modern design with refreshed brand messaging, and a strategic information architecture that allowed their different audience types to easily navigate the robust site.

New website design CRC
New Website Design CRC

Research & Strategy

The project kicked off with an assessment of the brand’s positioning, target audience, and overall goals to guide the project strategy. We then examined and tested the existing website’s structure, navigation, and user flows to form recommendations for a new and improved user experience.

CRC Website Design and Strategy

Identified High-Level Objectives

  1. Optimize for capturing visitor information

  2. Engage visitors in the organization’s campaigns with specific calls to action

  3. Provide a system for easily updating events, campaigns, research, and press.

  4. Promote membership and capture information of potential new members


Website Structure & UX Design

A new website strategy was created based on the market research and user experience findings, including a streamlined site map and optimized content structure to improve user experience, properly utilize high-visibility real estate on the new site, and strategically place calls to action.

California Resource Coalition Website Design and Strategy

Brand Positioning & Content Strategy

Brand positioning was refreshed, aligning overall brand messaging and voice, with the organization’s goals, values, and target audience. Distinct value-based positioning was developed along with a bold, contemporary visual identity to reflect the brand’s focus on community, professionalism, and inclusivity. Special attention was paid to the accessibility of language and ease of use on varying mobile devices.

Website Design and Strategy


The custom Wordpress project came in on time and within budget. The organization reports that they’ve not only received an overwhelmingly positive response, but that unique visitors, time spent on the site, and the rate of email list growth have all increased.

CRC Website Design and Strategy
Website Design and Strategy