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The Challenge

Factory OS is a Bay Area startup that is revolutionizing the construction industry. Using offsite construction and an in house Innovation Center to build large-scale apartment complexes, their process is set to help tackle the affordable housing challenge. 

With some major investments and a Wall Street Journal article on the horizon, the company needed a strong story and a modern, persuasive B2B website built in under a month. The Diverge team rose to the challenge.

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The Solution

Diverge developed a strong brand identity and digital marketing direction in preparation for the company launch. 

We started with in-depth research and created authoritative copy that not only educated the user on off-site construction, but also told the story of a progressive company committed to fair labor practices and continuous innovation. 

We created a story that brought attention to the uniqueness of not only this approach to housing development, but also to the historical Mare Island shipyard location where WWII submarines were once built. 

We designed an effective information architecture and established a solid SEO framework to ensure that visitors could find what they are looking for. Finally, we made it easy for interested visitors to get in touch. 

With our design partners at L+R, we worked to create a modern design that highlights the unique approach to housing development as well as the iconic Mare Island shipyard where Factory OS construction takes place. 

With our development partners at Mangrove, we built a custom WordPress site that is fully responsive, making it easy to navigate on any device. The final product appeals to prospective investors, policymakers, workers and partners. 


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